Sabbaticals help to bring refreshing and peace to oneself!

Every now and again we all have to take a breather - a time that's set apart for just self - a sabbatical for ourselves.

When we do this, we are able to regroup, get our minds right, regain strength and peace to our inner-self.

Jesus did it. If He needed to do it, shouldn't we imitate the Master of peace?!


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Joy Of Jesus.

Lord, help us stay in the joy of Jesus When lions prowl, growl and salivate Flames of the fiery furnace lick around us Lord, help us stay in the joy of Jesus. Lord, help us stay in the joy of Jesus Wh


Come to Me You who live by their own nature and strength. Come to Me Those who are sore, who can never walk again. Come to Me Who cannot remain in their self ever again. Come to Me All who are weak, b


Beside Bethesda Waiting for the water to disturb Prostrate, I remain unperturbed. Even though it sounds absurd Expecting someone to turn up and help me in Healing my heart Cleansing my skin. A new sta


Christian Poets and Writers discuss ways to build up the church Body of Christ, inspire, strengthen faith, and improve writing in all genres. May God guide our prayers and words of forgiveness, love, and unity in Jesus' Name.

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