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The roots of God's love for me reach down deep inside of me

I have weathered all types of storms, but I am a strong tree

I've been knocked down, stepped on, and laughed at

I know God's love for me, I have no doubt about that

Rooted in God's love for me makes me secure inside

Rooted in God's love for me, gives me a place to hide

Rooted in God's love for me, no matter the circumstance

Rooted in God's love for me means I'm here for a purpose, I'm not here by chance

The world can't take what it doesn't give

I'm a child of God, unto Him I will live

It's my honor to love God back

As my source for my resources, there is no lack

Poem/Lyrics written by:

Mrs. Marie Harker 4/28/20

Published 4/28/20

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