Pie In The Eye

When I accused others,

my Mom made me to see,

sometimes what I tell others,

will jump right back on me!

To speak it out to others,

may be God's choice of plan,

deeply in my own heart,

that same word to implant!

Momma had a little saying

to help me come to see,

when I point one finger at others,

my other three point back at me!

She really tried to teach me,

some things others do,

will cause me to see,

that's something I do, too!

I heard, "God can use anything,

no matter what, and speak

His message there to bring,

life to those who are so weak!

Have you taught someone

and later come to find,

the lesson you chose to share,

now resides within your mind!

God has many ways of speaking.

If at first we don't receive,

He'll speak from our own mouths,

So that we may believe!

If you have ever had a time,

where you are questioning,

and someone starts to talk

About that very thing!

Just know God is everywhere

and knows just how to speak,

to bring understanding,

to those questions which we seek!

If this ever happens to you,

sometime in the by and by,

You've been visited by God's plan,

that I call "PIE IN THE EYE"

Peggy Jeanine Woody

10/13/1992. ©

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