October Night.

Stand and stare at all the stars out there!

Measured and managed into stellar symmetry

Put there by a pristine act of proliferation

Deliberate destination, fantabulous eternity.

Standing yet expanding, stillness yet moving

Drafting an essay without concluding.

Definite and deluding, demeaning yet demanding

Attracting and alluring our eyes to see that Majesty.

Fragility, fragmentation brings fascination

For a God who makes Quarks and Strings

A God, a single creator of all things.

Stand and stare at all the stars out there!

Stand and stare at all the stars out there!

A God, a creator who spoke them into being

With words too holy to hear.

God breathed and bore the Stars, Galaxies, Nebulae

Solar Systems and more.

Much much more than our eyes could ever see

Black Holes, Dark Matter, Higgs Bosun, God Particle.

Beyond our limitations, our imaginations, our humanity.

Stand and stare at all the stars out there!

Hugh K Henderson <><


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