The situation we find ourselves, now

is anything but normal.

There is nothing happening

that anyone would call formal!

Things are happening today,

that never happened before.

This last few months it is surprising,

if people walk into a store!

In case you didn't know,

there's a pandemic going on!

There has even been times,

parents could not hug daughters or sons!

A virus is on the loose now.

Many people have died!

This is really cramping our style,

and it is definitely hurting our pride!

It is not easy for us

to be told what we can do.

We like to be in control.

It is not easy for me or you!

It is said when parents lose a child

The family's new normal begins.

It is obvious, things have changed

There are many challenges to win!

First of all, can we withstand it?

What will our new normal be?

How can we even deal with it?

Can anyone possibly see?

How can we survive such change,

and what will our life look like?

We feel like we are on tricycles,

instead of riding our bikes!

There is so much to learn,

to be able to be kept safe!

Hand sanitizers and facial masks,

temperatures taken and hand washing in place!

As a parent who has lost a child,

I know the changes parents face.

It's really sad, some get stuck

and feel they cannot win this race!

When your child has passed

You don't know what to do.

Will loved ones walk away

or will they stand with you?

Many do not know what to do

or anything they should say.

When a child leaves this world,

a limb of their tree is taken away!

It is like amputation,

where the child was they are not.

We miss their life in our lives,

We pray that no one forgot!

How do we get through this you ask?

The thing I found for me,

I think of him as still with me,

though he cannot be physically!

I wish others could have the hope,

I know that I have.

Though it doesn't alleviate pain,

it can be like a soothing salve!

The hope I have is this,

I know I will see him again.

When I cross over Jordan,

I will be greeted by family and friends!

To have this hope for your life,

to help you overcome

ask Jesus into your heart,

and make Heaven your home!

When you arrive in Heaven,

such beautiful sights there will be

There we will see Jesus,

and all of our friends and family!

Peggy Jeanine Woody


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