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Never Alone

One day my daddy's tender hands embraced my small hands. It is in

that moment that he assured me be not dismayed. With a soft voice

he told me be not discouraged my son. That you are never alone when

the second set of the LORD's carried you. It is in the journey of life that

you will find faith beyond measure. A greater love flowing into your life.

It's the power to overcome adversity when there is no more strength

left in you to carry on. The God of wonderful works has been at work all

along. Peace be unto you as you walk through the valley. Therefore keep

your eyes fixed on the grace of God. Stand in the gap for the soul that has

been left by the wayside. Live out loud before the mighty sea, You can

climb the highest mountain. when the LORD is on your side. In the sight

of God you are a beloved child of God.

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