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My Own

Father, as I bow my head with eyes raised; a heavenly stare,

hoping you are listening to my desperate prayer.

My own has fallen through my fingers, like trying to hold sand,

O Lord, I place their life in your loving hands.

We have done what we can; given all there is to give,

and I would sacrifice my life for my own to live.

Upon my knees, I ask you, Lord, for mercy as I grieve,

and you will have my prayers as long as I breathe.

No longer can I see a way out through painful tears,

please show my own their path, take away my fears.

Touch their heart with your Spirit of grace,

shine your forgiveness upon their shame and disgrace.

I know that You have the whole world in Your hands,

and I and my own could never know all Your plans.

Still, it will be well with my soul come what may,

and you will have my praise each time I pray.

Through all of life’s trials and the seeds I have sown,

Jesus has told me He would protect me and my own.

So, my God, though their actions are defiant and unreconciled,

I ask you to transform my own into a repentant child.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen

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