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Morning Inspiration

Your Best Friend

Ten lepers stood from Jesus at a distance in their grief

And yelled out for compassion that their souls might have relief

By healing from the Master they'd been hearing all about

In hope in their extremity He'd choose to help them out

They'd heard of all the people He'd been healing in His way

Sometimes He'd stop and touch them sometimes with a little clay

And sometimes just by speaking loving words they'd need to hear

But always in demeanor that made His will very clear

So thinking if He truly loved the way they heard He did

His love for ten poor lepers would be evident not hid

And crying out they wondered would this Prophet Priest or King

Be willing to provide them this one most important thing

And sure as now and always when the Saviour heard their cry

He reached out through His speaking that these lepers should not die

This death of endless wasting for a thing they had not done

But that they might be grateful for the giving of God's Son

And as they started walking in the faith they had acquired

Believing in the words of Him they thought to be inspired

Their bodies were made whole again cleansed from this curse they'd known

And given opportunity to make God's Love their own

But sadly only one of them whose body was made clean

Returned to thank the Lamb of God for what his eyes had seen

As from his state of rottenness he was made whole again

A gift he would not soon forget but ever would maintain

For he was not a Hebrew born not chosen by the Lord

As one who by the chosen race had always been ignored

But showed by his response to Christ the love he would return

For this amazing gift of life his works could never earn

But how much like these lepers are we often in our ways

How often do we fail to thank the Lord for all He says

That gives to us provision for those things He knows we need

Especially forgiveness as He daily intercedes

So friend if you're a leper by the sins you have inside

Know if you ask He's faithful to lay all your guilt aside

And make you clean and give you life that will not ever end

Just be sure like the one lone man you'll make Christ your best Friend

Luke 17:12-19

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