Morning Inspiration

  1. Lively Stones

  2. My faithful loving Father God my great Redeemer King

  3. To You my heart and soul I give my all and everything

  4. No more to clutch this gift of life as though it were my own

  5. I long to be Your light to life a true and living stone

  6. Laid on that true Foundation You've established in Your Son

  7. A temple fit and builded as a body all in One

  8. Where Your bright Holy Presence can illumine hearts like mine

  9. To reach a pinnacle of faith and from all sin resign

  10. For Lord You are the Potter while we are but bits of clay

  11. And daily on Your wheel You form us in Your perfect Way

  12. To carry that You place inside us for the world to see

  13. Salvation is the Gift You offer wholly full and free

  14. But all too often those around us fear the Gift we have

  15. Because of things that Satan's taught them of the coming wrath

  16. When fire from the realms up yonder cleanse this world of sin

  17. And with it all those souls unfaithful dark and void within

  18. But when we come to know You truly as the One You are

  19. The Spirit Son and Holy Father dwelling near not far

  20. We see Your pure and Holy Being as all that we need

  21. And know there's nothing You won't give us as You intercede

  22. To take that sin that comes between us wiping it away

  23. That by Your grace Your loving mercy might provide the Way

  24. To come before Your throne of glory pure and whole again

  25. No more a child that's lost to wander in this world of sin

  26. For truly God will end this battle as the Bible says

  27. He will erase the lies and fables by His Righteousness

  28. And all those who will follow folly will cease to exist

  29. Just like the dew that leaves as daylight drives away the mist

  30. And those who've cherished all the wonder of Your love for us

  31. Those who have been proved for Your service in whom You now trust

  32. Will find that their Foundation always was in Christ our King

  33. The One in Whom You prove in scriptures gives us everything

  34. So help us Lord to never doubt You never leave Your side

  35. Help us to share Your grace and wonder that we may not hide

  36. The vital aspect of Your Spirit's life in us we bear

  37. To show the world through our reflection all You want to share

  38. Matthew 10:7, 8; 1 Corinthians 2:9-16; 1 Peter 2:1-5


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