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Morning Devotional

What Need Have I

What need have I to wander in the path of ill regret

What need have I to ponder what I've lost when I have yet

The miracle of life that still remains within my soul

And evidence there's still a God Who loves and makes men whole

What need have I to share with those who cannot change the wind

My troubles and my trials that they cannot comprehend

When I have One Who listens to the very thoughts I think

Who has the power to lift me from the mire in which I sink

When I give way to thinking I am left out on my own

And no one understands me no one's walked the path I'm on

And no one's borne the burden I am forced to bear today

So no one really can perceive the pain in what I say

For really these temptations that should drive me to my knees

To seek the One Who loves me and the One Who always sees

Events before they happen before I'm aware they're here

Is always standing ready with His answers soft and clear

His answers that He's given in the body of His Word

Both Him Who is the Promise and His thoughts in writ I've heard

And I have but to focus on His presence waiting there

When I take time to listen as I meet with Him in prayer

And let His Spirit guide me from one sentence to the next

Not doubting but anticipating what I can expect

Will be the answer that I need to help me through each day

As each day has its own concerns for which I need to pray

And as I learn to listen as I'm focused on God's Word

To hear the perfect beauty in His voice that can be heard

I learn also to trust that He will never let me down

Because I've learned to trust Him through the faith that I have found

As morning after morning I have given all to Him

My heart my thoughts my feelings that He might take charge of them

And mold me into just exactly what I need to be

That all the world might see His grace transform the likes of me

And learn by my experience that He can make them too

Into a chosen vessel to perform what He will do

Through those who give their all to Him in body soul and mind

Delighted they too have a chance to share the joy they find

James 1

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