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❤️LOVE in FEBRUARY comes, when we PRAY

❤️LOVE in FEBRUARY comes, when we PRAY for...


How broad their shoulders have to be To lead us all to liberty, Upholding laws for all to see, Their power and authority.

The function and the right they hold To keep us safe within the fold, To stand against the lies foretold, No different than the days of old.

How often, though, they fail to see The strength that shouldered you and me, Upon the cross of Calvary... Victorious Divinity.

Upholding us with God's right hand Great enough to take the land. Authority through Christ will stand. Kings of kings must take command.

So, will they learn or will they shun The help that's given ALL through ONE. PRAY they yield ...GOD's will be done. Let FREEDOM ring for everyone.

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