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Joy Comes In The Morning

"Though the sorrow may last for the night..."

Easy for you to say when you can't comprehend the fight

Simple enough to say when you can't seem to connect with the blight

When every strain of sight leads to pain and tears after seeking a side of the light

When the colour of your peace falls each apiece to darker shades of white.

Thus wearing sleeves with hands in holy matrimony

Hoping none would be able to come close and see the scar's testimony.

It seems better to bottle up the emotion hence you wish that people cease their devotion

As friends becoming family try to see you in the midst of your commotion

But life is a raging sea; wishing not to be tamed

At the cost of your sanity, each delay from the ring only depleting sanctity

Crawl into a corner; call it sanctuary

The coldness feels better alone

The stone no builder collected

As the weirdness all the more shone

But the canvas called life is cloudy yet it depends on where you seek the shade

Sometimes, you need somebody to walk with

Other times, calling a spade a spade

"Guess I gotta wait till then..."

Mr Ford gave the vibe on point; give him a ten

Waiting, another battle

The skeletons in closets begin to rattle

Who to trust, whom to seek?

It's easy to mistake distance for decision and muteness for being meek

But they tell me joy comes in the morning

Please, will I wait with you till then?

I offer you my lenses so you see Jesus

That's what being His hands and feet is; being a friend.

Or I wait to hear your heartbeat

Forgive me I see not the sign

The weight of the world being on your shoulders

I wanna speak life to you; you'll be fine

He bore that millennia ago, that's why we are here along this line

They say that joy comes in the morning

No worries, we'll stay till then

I hope you let me still sit a while

To encourage you as a friend

This is what I think it means to be the heart and feet of Jesus

Staying put with you

Till the night's end.


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