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I Will Always Need Him

Please hold me now, I am falling

I hear the other voices calling

Once more, I ask to fill me again

I cannot continue this life of pretend

The best is gone; what remains is bitter

I try, but I am still a wretched quitter

Darkness is back, blurring and blinding

I seek, but desperation is what I am finding

Your words echo, but they soon depart

Leaving a tormented and empty heart

I know you would never choose to leave me

I chose the path that led to sad and lonely

I beg, I plead, on my knees, I pray

Show me, help me again, to find my way

Without you, I know I will be forever lost

I do see your sacrifice and the pain it cost

I carry the shame I know all the reasons

That my debt is paid, through all my seasons

From death to life: He gave me freedom

From life to death; I will always need Him

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