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I am in a state of surrender

He's a old country boy the age of fifty who is from the state of Oregon. Oregon where it is called a tree state. An old country boy on a gravel road who is at the end of the rope for the seventh time in need of grace and unconditional love. A rather tall man with brown eyes who is in a state of surrender due to his despair as well as his agony. These two elements that has weighed him down for a while. In the first place, the heavy baggage that he is carrying around for many years. In the third place, the currents that have drowned out his voice.

In the fourth, the will to live unto the God of the impossible in the great adventure that he is yet to fully embrace. Lastly, the possibility of gaining a brighter perspective after surrendering all of his heavy baggage to the great I am of the universe. The great I Am of the universe who is all the more ready to give him a new purpose as well as a new vision for the rest of his life. His deep gratitude that he starts to display from this point onward.

As it is the humble beginning of walking tall with his eyes focused on Jesus Christ as the source of abundant joy. The Shepard watching after the sheep keeping them from harm as well as hearts to be mended. Even when one of the sheep strays away. All that was old that is made new. All that was broken that is made whole while the peace of the LORD flows within his being. The promises of God that he is currently clinging to. In all that reveals true beauty as hope takes flight.

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