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Will we know it's over …?

Will we see it through our sorrow?

or just catch daily glimpses

as we reach tomorrow?

Do we still create a vision?

Can we still believe in dreams?

Do we see promised new mercies

in the sunlight’s beams?

Is it wise to look upward?

and ask the question why?

Should we still rejoice

if we live Or die?

Do our hope carry us …

To a faith that is fulfilled?

Do we still believe our way …

may not be God’s Holy will?

Do we walk past trees and flowers …

And purple colors in a field?

Without praising our creator

for revelations revealed.

Will we know when it is over?

Or keep looking through

our window’s pains?

Seeing not the future

But only what remains.

Written By La Gina Gross - ChurchPoet

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