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Holding out

It was a warm morning when a small amount of white snow that appeared to land onto the soft ground. The soft ground with a few green leaves laying on it here and there. The appearance of a few young children who have gone to school for more than a few hours. A few waffles on each plate with a fait amount of blueberry syrup on each one of them. Some delicious orange juice in a few small glasses to go along with the rest of the meal.

On another note, the terrible feeling of being unappreciated by her tall handsome husband. The appearance of the same handsome egotistical tall brown eyed husband who is a businessman with short black hair who ignores and tramples upon her with his words as well as his actions. The awful shame that she feels rom him as her mate that she could not easily shake off.

However, the splendid taste of abundant grace in the great adventure that she is holding out for so that the attribute of harmony is fully restored. The splendid chance to test the waters on any given day of the week that appealed to her. The tides of adversity that comes as the attribute of courage unfolds in the great adventure. A little everlasting hope to keep her head afloat when the hard times come on strong. The aspect of beauty that is replaced for a few ashes from on high. The common ground that she finds in the LORD of LORDs and the King of Kings.

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