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Hello All! I am new here. Good to meet you ...And this is my latest poem. Excited to read lots.

A Verse of Longing for God *************by Sally Young Eslinger Poem & drawing (C) 3/15/2020. ✝️ I doubt I shall ever fully hear The psalm my soul longs to write, For it dwells in the source Of its intended... Singing between my heartbeats In the Paleolithic hum of my ancient, Ancient ancestors painting their first marks Of self-expression, seeing stars glint In the black eyes of bears...Oh! But can I recall their distant canticles And paint them anew along walls, Retracing to the day of our creation? To see the leaves of Eden rustling In God’s breathing... Alleluia. Alleluia! *****. ********. ******. *******. ****** God bless us All here on this troubled Earth, for blessings of needs He knows before we ask. His Glory is everlasting. His Grace enfolds us. Call for Him & He will answer. God cannot not answer! 💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌✝️

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