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He lost

I can't imagine how I'd feel

if everything I did

came of no fruition

my reputation slid.

He came to Earth with just one thought,

to wrest Earth from God's hand.

He made his trip to the Garden,

and he tempted God's woman and man!

We all know the story,

that when God came to see,

He would find his man

had fallen for Satan's schemes'

He thought he'd won the battle

and went on to torture man,

inflicting every day pain

anywhere he can.

There was mention of another,

sometime to arrive.

Now the hunt was on,

he would see him not alive.

Time came and had been foretold,

this special Child was born.

Oh how he rejoiced now

as many babe's lives were torn!

Then the time arrived

when he would have his way.

He would kill this Son of God,

and make all of Earth pay!

As Jesus made His arrival

upon this final yard,

Satan rubbed his hands in joy

he had worked so very hard!

He tricked and connived all over,

and pulled many stunts.

He'd really like to get

that very thing he would want.

The problem was ole Satan

who had lined up for the kill.

suddenly saw the Son of God,

walking through hell at will!

Not only did He preach the word

which many did believe.

He led captivity captive

which Heaven did receive!

Satan thought for sure he'd win

he was sure he knew the plan.

all he had to do was kill Him,

kill the Son of Man!

But before that could happen,

he came to understand

he could not kill this Son of God,

Jesus gave His life instead!

So the plan was now complete

to set in place someday.

Well, while he still owned Earth

such havoc Satan could play!

He should not think it would be easy,

he leaned in for the win,

only to find that God

got in front of him!

Peggy Jeanine Woody

April 8, 2020

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