I walked into church

I met an adrenalin rush

As I smelt all the vegetables and fruit

Placed about in full public view.

There were sheaves of bread woven

Apples and oranges, pears and plums

Cauliflowers and cabbages on window ledges.

Displays of flowers whose smell empowers

All kinds of good things which makes us sing

God is the creator of all things.

Later we would assemble and gather the harvest together

Put the fruit and vegetables in bags and bundles.

After the evening service deliver

By car, by bus, we would walk most of us

Giving to the people who were the poorest.

We would call upon them on Sunday night

With presents and blessings from the congregation

Visit and a prerequisite was to say a prayer

Let them know God is there

A God who cares without reserve.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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