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Happy Valentine's day: My TV talkshow is Today!

Hello everyone this is just a quick note that I have been invited as an author guest on a TV Talkshow.

Don’t miss my author TV interview. It will be a live web television broadcast from sunny central Valley California today on Wednesday February 14, 2024 at 2:30 pm EST (Ontario) and 11:30am Central California time).  

Those interested in watching my live interview can dial in to their web-based tv channel or any of these platforms:

TV Web Channel:

TV YouTube Channel:

TV Facebook Channel: 

God made it happen! it is all in God’s time - It's interesting this happened to be scheduled on Valentine's day. A day of love. God's unconditional love! His love - gives you life - It's up to you. Stay tuned for my blog post later today on What you are planning for Lent!

Show some love and find ways of embracing God's love for you with my new released book available on Amazon. All future book signing events, author talk series will be shown on my website.

Similar ways of positive thinking and improving your life with happiness, less stress, better health, and hope are contained in my newly released debut book, “A Star in the Distance” and positive steps toward healing will also be included in the second book of my series for your Lenten Journey!

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Shira Garnett
Shira Garnett
14 feb

Can't wait to watch, @Carol-Ann.

Mi piace
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