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God's Last Gift to Man

All names He wrote in the lamb’s book of life will be raised from the dust

The ones not scribed will be shamed with contempt on that you can trust

The delivered who lead others to salvation and those who are wise

They shall wake to everlasting life and shine bright like Heaven’s skies

Well done, my good and faithful servant, we hope, pray, and long to hear

What comes next; a miracle, a promise of forgiveness, the Word is crystal clear

Not everything has been made known, and the decision of what we will be is His

But know that when Christ appears, all children of God will see Him as He is

You will be changed, transformed into His image for contemplating God’s glory

When you received salvation, you received the Lord and are now part of His story

Does your mind comprehend His intention for your spirit, and do you fully understand

Becoming like Jesus will be the greatest blessing of them all, God’s last gift to man

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