Flavour of Heaven

There is a flavour of heaven

That others except you may tend to see

From your presence on day one till the weekend day seven

At where you are or wherever you find yourself to be

It is the flavour of a certain Presence

That makes the world go round

It is what makes things all so certain

In whatever zone you seem to be found

But I wonder if salt knows it's salty

Did it ever get to taste?

Perhaps that's why your place isn't faulty

And why your friends call themselves chaste

But you are one of a kind and it's lonely

Hoping to get even and have some fun

But for some specific God given reason,

He declares you odd in order to be number one.

But the power lies in the grain being alone until purpose is prepared and done

So take time, restore Eden.

Dear member of the Vine

The Husbandman is pruning

To ensure you grow just fine.

This is the flavour of heaven

That in chaos, there's found harmony

In gestation, there is patience

In the birthing of His life in me.


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