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Daily Morning Devotional

Two Ways of Faith

Should life be so imperiled by the dangers of each day

Should children be in constant fear of when or where they play

Should women fear the outcome of their meetings with new men

That they have never met before the circumstance their in

Should people fear the future of events they do not know

The whys the whens the wherefores of the places they must go

Not knowing if the day they start will have a peaceful end

Or if they'll face a trial of faith alone they can't defend

No life should not be filled with fear with every waking day

Nor should we be afraid of what will come for things we say

But for as long as we are here on Satan's captured ground

The curse of sin and feared events will constantly be found

In those who trust the future to the ways of evil men

Who place their faith in flesh alone that's marred by selfish sin

Who choose to waste the precious gift of life from Him Who gave

His own to take away the sins of those He came to save

For every one is given in their heart the gift of faith

A measure that's proportionate to what they need by grace

To grasp a hold of God and our redemption through His Son

Or to the flesh of those like us who're lost when time is done

And if we choose to exercise that faith with which we're born

In things like other people who desire to adorn

The outside of their person with the baubles people see

To hide the fear and loneliness that grips their entity

Then we will live in constant fear of what each day will bring

Of what might happen if we lose our hold on everything

Until at last when youth is past in misery we'll die

Believing there was nothing more to have than Satan's lie

But if we choose instead to place our faith in Christ alone

Accepting from His Sacrifice the blood that does atone

And trust each day His Spirit through our special time with Him

To fill us with His promises and what we find in them

Then we will not be found to fear what Satan brings our way

Nor will we have anxiety for what might come today

But will with heart and purpose keep our focus stayed on God

And know in steadfast love for Him soon heaven's paths we'll trod

Romans 12:1-3; 2 Chronicles 32:7, 8; Isaiah 51:5-8

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