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Daily Inspiration

Lessons Through Illustrations

If scriptures truly are inspired by God and God alone

Why do so many people fail to take them as their own

Instruction guide for living in accordance with His will

And go off on some tangent instead of just sitting still

And listening while reading to that voice that can be heard

That voice that has inspired thought in every single word

To help us see more deeply in the principles of life

The grace that gives us victory in every coming strife

As though they think they've something in this life that they can do

They've some inherent power in themselves to get them through

The challenges before them that are promised everyday

Especially for those who claim to live the Christian Way

For if we stop to listen to the One Who made all things

The One from Whom the breath of life in all of us still springs

We're promised more than knowledge of the mind and ways of God

We're promised His real presence in the path that we must trod

That leads us from presumption and the evil ways of men

And gives us His assurance we can overcome all sin

To be elect for heaven and the blessings waiting there

For those who trust and focus on His scriptures while in prayer

And make them more than readings to adorn their thoughts each day

More like the chords that bind us to our Father as we pray

And transfer from His being grace that makes us more like Him

The vessels for His filling as the Saviour did to them

When at the marriage in Cana that resembled what's to come

Christ turned to wine the water in six water pots of stone

Which represent six thousand years of changing hearts in them

Who opened to the grace of God that made them more like Him

And that that then was taken to the Master of the feast

Might represent the remnant being best of all not least

Who from the many waters of the people through the years

Exemplify the chosen who will bear no more the tears

When they will see the Bridegroom they have waited for so long

And sing that great love story heaven's made into a song

They call the song of Moses sung together with the Lamb

All scriptures illustrating Him Who is the Great I Am

2 Timothy 3:16-17; John 2:1-11; Isaiah 28:9-10; Revelation 17:15

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