Daily Inspiration

Mercy's Record

The consequence of what we've done and where we've been before

Is often tempered by God's grace and mercy even more

Than we deserve for what we've done against His Law of love

Recorded in the record books of judgment up above

For if we truly did receive the payment for our sin

God promised was to fall on us back when we did begin

There'd be not one of us today from Adam's fall with Eve

Not one who draws the breath of life or goodness we receive

For God did say that man would die the moment he did eat

The fruit that hung upon the tree that led to his defeat

And had it not been for the Lamb that stepped within the breach

Humanity as it is known would not this moment reach

But God did love us more than we can even comprehend

He loved us more than all the worlds that did not condescend

To giving way to Satan's plan to steal the throne of God

To wipe away the memories of His mighty Staff and Rod

That is the sinner's comfort as the Standard of God's grace

The Standard of His Kingdom that keeps everything in place

The Law that governs hearts and souls to be the more like Him

Who breathed His very living breath within the souls of them

Whom He knew would be broken by the choices they would make

But still made them in likeness of the image He would take

When through His Son of righteousness He'd bear what they had done

And pay the greatest Sacrifice through Jesus Christ the Son

Who changed for them the record to record through His-story

Just one stark fact upon the books that changed the destiny

Of those who truly turn to Him and let His Spirit in

Where once there was a darkened past now stands the cross for sin

No longer held against them who have turned from what they were

Who truly have embraced the love their sins did not deter

And chosen to become like Him Who fashions them in love

Humanity reborn again to fill that home above

Where in that glorious Kingdom where the saints of God will shine

No more will there be one lone thought to bring the past to mind

Just endless lines on pages of what Jesus did for them

Who found the greatest joy in life was being just like Him

Genesis 2:8-17; Revelation 13:6-9; 15:1-5

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