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Daily Inspiration

No More Hiding

The loudness of the Christian cry against the ways of men

Is tempered by our own resolve in how we deal with sin

For many who are vocal on the evils of the day

Are often more complacent in that same destructive way

And instead of adhering to the standards they espouse

They hide in some dark corner like a timid little mouse

For fear when they're confronted about things they do and say

The truth of their hypocrisy will see the light of day

When truly if we're Christians as we often claim to be

Should we not be persistent hoping other folks can see

Refection of our Saviour shining through the things we do

As well as through our attitude and words we're speaking too

And shouldn't we be worried for the souls we chance to meet

If we don't show God's love through us then that is our defeat

For love's the greatest principle that rules the Father's throne

And rules the hearts of those who claim to likewise be His own

That love that sees surrender to His Way of righteousness

As power for the victory that gives us usefulness

In building up His Kingdom that will never know defeat

As those who truly are in Him will share the highest seat

That's there where He has promised for the faithful and the few

That show by their obedience in everything they do

That they are truly Christians as is meant in every sense

Not fearful of the future as there is no consequence

Of evil for the chosen who meet Jesus everyday

Upon their knees in waiting listening as they read and pray

For Him to give instruction for the path they have to choose

To follow through each day of grace they're wanting not to lose

For Jesus is there waiting wanting more than anything

To give His Spirit's guidance on the path He's offering

To mold us for His Kingdom as He knows we want to be

When in our hearts we seek His will with all sincerity

So friend don't wait or linger long if you've still to decide

Invite God's Spirit in your heart to make you new inside

And cry aloud before the world the end will soon be here

As only those who know Him best can make His message clear

Isaiah 58:1-14; Revelation 3:21

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