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Daily Inspiration

The Broken Soul

They frowned upon the poor man who was begging for their prayer

And asking for some little gift to show that they might care

They saw him torn and tattered in his dirt and filth and grime

Not worthy of a penny let alone a moment's time

But One Who looked beyond the filth to see what lay within

To see what made the heart of him who suffered in his sin

Was able to observe the past that others could not see

And also see what might be done to change adversity

That held this man in bondage to his helpless begging ways

That left him mostly hopeless as he passed his empty days

That offered less than nothing in comparison to those

Who freely walked about him in their clean and proper clothes

For in him was a person once a leader among men

A stranger to misfortune 'til he fell to selfish sin

Abusing mind and body by the spirit's he partook

That lay within the battle not observed in just one look

But all the same so evil in their subtle sneaky ways

For which the one imbibing in the end so often pays

First slowly without notice 'til they take their full control

And bring complete disaster that destroys the poor lost soul

And when He looked upon him not a penny did He give

But took him to a diner for the food that makes one live

And there taught him the lesson he was needing most to know

That God still sees the harvest that He's making now to grow

In those who learn about Him through the goodness in the heart

Of those who take time with Him every morning as their part

Of building up His Kingdom through the things they say and do

That take the poor and broken making them the rich and new

Through showing them the gospel through the love they share with them

The Way God shared the gospel when He shared His all through Him

He placed within a tiny stall and nailed upon the cross

To build His Kingdom of the ones who once were blind and lost

For really when we see the world the way the Saviour did

And see the ones who try to keep their tattered being hid

The way the Saviour saw and touch them where they need the most

Are we not being Christ to them by His loving Holy Ghost

Matthew 25:31-46; James 2:14-18

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