Daily Inspiration

Salvation Not Denied

No person throughout history has ever been denied

The grace extended everyone before their body died

No person has been given less than they needed to see

To give them opportunity to live eternally

Though not all have been given ear to hear the gospel plan

And maybe never even saw a chosen righteous man

They still have had in God's own way the Truth revealed to them

And had the burden on their heart to give their all to Him

For all have ways of choosing between darkness and the light

All have in every culture principles of wrong and right

Maybe not in the way we do who know the gospel plan

But in a way to help them see the value placed in man

That God had placed before He made the earth for what it was

Unlike the man who chooses not to do the thing he does

If he thinks there'll be failure when he's planning for success

As I too would be hesitant to do I must confess

But God knew we would leave Him long before He framed this place

And knew what would be asked of Him to save this world by grace

And willingly pursued it, this great plan to make us all

Though in His mind He saw the outcome of our hopeless fall

Should we be left to suffer and to work out on our own

The future without Jesus and what He gave to atone

For every sin and failure every liability

That we could never rectify through all eternity

Without the blood He shed for us the sacrifice He made

The ever endless cost of life for each of us He paid

When nailed upon the wooden cross He died for you and me

And will bear every scar received for all eternity

That those who have not met Him who've not heard about His name

Might just by giving heart to good not have to bear the blame

For things they did in ignorance not knowing of God's Way

And still receive that blessed gift on Resurrection Day

For that same grace that takes us when we give our all to Him

Will also take most gladly those who have His heart in them

The difference is they'll learn from scratch what they've not known before

And cherish what we've always known in Him we'll all adore

James 4:10-17


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