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Daily Inspiration

My Assurance

From waking in the morning 'til at last my day is done

There's not a moment I should doubt that God and I are one

If I am truly faithful to the call He's given me

And trust each moment in the path that is my destiny

No I don't know my future but it's not for my to know

'Cause if I knew there's every chance that I'd choose not to go

To save myself some heartache or some danger I might fear

That may involve a lot of pain or many burning tears

But as I view the future with the little that I know

I'm confident by where I've been that my God surely knows

Just when and where to lead me and all that He'll have me do

That in the end by grace through faith He's sure to see me through

Through to a bright tomorrow where His light will never dim

Where day by day without restraint I'll walk in step with Him

Exploring endless places far beyond my wildest dreams

With crown of gold and robe of whitest light that has no seams

Where all is love and wonder where no evil will exist

And all the past I once had known will vanish like a mist

And all that I remember will be in His hands and feet

That tell me my salvation had a debt I could not meet

But that my Lord paid for me for the crown that I might wear

To adorn each moment that I learned to come to Him in prayer

And trust when I was tempted to believe my cause was lost

That all my needs were covered on that hill upon the cross

The cross that was my victory that was seen as His demise

But more importantly is scene today by trusting eyes

As that point where the Father through the Spirit by His Son

Established there will always be that place that makes us one

As long as I am willing to receive His grace each day

To trust that where He leads me is indeed the chosen Way

That will hold all the blessings He's prepared for you and me

That in His own appointed time we're guaranteed to see

And hold when He's created what He's promised bright and new

For all who have been faithful not just for a chosen few

When Christ returns in glory as the scriptures say He will

And finishes His plan of grace for those who love Him still

Isaiah 55:6-13; Jeremiah 29:11-13; 2 Samuel 22:31; Proverbs 3:1-12

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