Daily Inspiration

Today's Adventure

Not knowing what will happen when and where I'll be today

I might be sorely tempted to pursue another way

Than that that I have chosen as it may not be the best

Direction for my taking that will end the day with rest

It may lead to adventure in a place I've never been

Adventure of a nature that might take a course of sin

Or maybe to one person who for want of something new

Attacks me for no reason just for something new to do

Or maybe in my crossing from one place to where I'm bound

I'll find investigating something I had never found

While passing in that way before that's strangely different

And might have application to make life much more content

Like something of great value that can make my life complete

Can make my days seem all the better clear of all defeat

As daily I might relish in the treasure that I find

That helps me focus on that thing that leaves the old behind

But then I think now really do I need to find some thing

That offers me a future without pain or suffering

Or do I need to focus on what I already have

That brightens up my future with a more important path

That's already been determined if I trust the One Who's made

The path that leads to heaven for the Price already paid

That's laid out in the scriptures where my trail each day begins

That step by step and mile by mile has hills and dips and bends

But always has a purpose for those people who pursue

Each day as like none other in the things that they might do

To further for God's Kingdom that great work that must be done

To share with all the world abroad the work of Christ the Son

That soon will end in heaven in the Temple of the Lord

Where He has for two thousand years for that we can't afford

Given as intercession His pure Gift of Sacrifice

The blood He shed upon the cross that paid the greatest Price

But soon will cease His work there as He'll lay those robes aside

Those pure white priestly garment as no longer He'll abide

Within His Holy Temple but will come to earth once more

This time as Mighty Conqueror the God that we adore

James 5:1-20


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