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Daily Inspiration

Failure or Challenge

How often have you failed and given up on some great goal

How often has that failure made an impact on your soul

That caused you to pull back from doing something great or small

Because you feared that failure might again cause you to fall

How often have you heard the words of someone cold and stern

Encourage you to not return for lessons you might learn

From seeking yet again that thing you thought for you was best

And thought that maybe failure was no more than just a test

You see in each example what is common is just you

The difference is how you see the thing you're called to do

And how you might approach it with your confidence or fear

And whether you will choose to listen to the things you hear

As challenge or instruction as constructive or the same

Kind of destructive energy that causes one to blame

Another for their failure when they have so much to learn

By faithfully continuing their course without a turn

To something that is easier as easy rarely finds

The joy and peace success can bring to focused challenged minds

That see each failure not as that but as a blessing here

That makes that sweet success at last more precious and most dear

And also makes us more inclined to share what we have found

That striving with persistence is a source of solid ground

Not focused on the past of this endeavor we pursue

But on the good that can become of this great thing we do

That has a place within us foreordained before our birth

Before God spoke those mighty Words that brought to life this earth

That when entrusted to His will can change the course of life

And make a blessing from those things we only see as strife

But only as we spend time with the One Who makes us whole

The One Who knows our every thought and seeks to save our soul

Who wants more than we want ourselves to have us close to Him

Who proved His love upon the cross that some saw failure in

But truly was successful as its power has not failed

And still provides a solace for the ones who are assailed

That by God's grace is waiting that bright paradise on high

With glory we cannot conceive and joy that will not die

Psalm 34:1-22; 1 Corinthians 1:18

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