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Daily Inspiration

No Worries

So often our extremity is in our heart and mind

More than in the reality that comes to us we find

We suffer over little things because we cannot see

What's fashioning the outcome that will be reality

And by that we lose so much of the blessing that is ours

By worrying about the things that plague us endless hours

For fear we may or may not meet the end that we suspect

Will be for us impactful to extreme in that respect

But what if we did something that so few take time to do

What if we listened to the voice of Him we're talking to

When in our hurry for His help we send a prayer His way

But rarely stop to listen for what He might want to say

To give us that assurance nothing we are facing here

Should be a reason we should stumble and give in to fear

For did He not make every item in this earth we see

By simply speaking through His power what He thought to be

Of benefit and blessing for the ones He loves the most

The ones that Jesus promised He would give His Holy Ghost

To be the perfect Comforter Provider Friend and Guide

In Whom we can have confidence our thoughts can safely hide

And be turned into something more than just a passing whim

But can become the instruments to do the work of Him

Who is Almighty Awesome God eternal Sovereign King

Who holds the reigns upon all time as well as everything

That is of most importance for this present here and now

He Who knows every thought we think as well as knowing how

He plans to meet our common need in His own time and place

The way He's always done before through His Amazing Grace

That sees no limitation but what is within our hearts

Yet promises that if we trust He'll make the broken parts

Enhance the newness of the whole He's planned for us to be

When we become the instruments He wants the world to see

Who trust with fullest confidence that He will never fail

Who stand by faith upon His Word though all the world assail

Us for the hope and love and trust we place in Christ our King

Who now and ever will provide for us His everything

Matthew 6:24-34; Luke 12:22-32; Philippians 4:19

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