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Daily Inspiration

The Moment

The crowd began to gather to observe the young Man's fate

The Channel of His Father's love abused by violent hate

Never thoughtful of what He might gain as He sought the good of all

Now sore tempted to respond in kind to the vileness of the call

To come down from that wooden cross where He hung in love for them

Not a single obligation for this sacrifice on Him

But knowing if He dared to come down as the people said

Then at once all of humanity would be reckoned with the dead

For He only had that moment to secure our destiny

And should He do as they had said then for all eternity

There would be an emptiness of heart in the Saviour of mankind

For His willingness to pander to the ignorant and blind

Who were standing in the presence of the only One to be

Their chance for that redemption that they failed as one to see

Provided by their Maker long before this world began

As He alone could see the conflict for the soul of man

That was to cost Him dearly as their only Sacrifice

The only One Who above all could pay that perfect Price

First leaving adoration in His Kingdom filled with love

To face all the rejection that the scriptures tell us of

First in the Psalms of David then the prophesies of old

From Moses to Isaiah even Malachi we're told

Could see the destination that would come to the redeemed

If Christ the Lamb of sacrifice was the One that they esteemed

Far more than earthly grandeur with its riches and its fame

That stifles out the very thoughts of that important name

Wherein lies all the power of God's Kingdom built on love

That Kingdom that He tried to teach us through His goodness of

And yet He hung there dying without pomp or circumstance

Though for four thousand years His people had more than a glance

Into the plan and purpose of His Sacrifice for them

As daily in that precious lamb they saw the price of Him

Who stayed there for each one of us to be our perfect Way

To heaven and eternal life for which we could not pay

And to reveal His victory o'er sin and death and hell

To give to us that home above of which no tongue can tell

Psalm 22:1-31; Isaiah 53:1-12; Matthew 27:35-53

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