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There are that be among us now a few who will deceive

To twist and turn the truths we know to make us to believe

Another gospel than we know was given at the cross

That says we need not sacrifice to save the hurt and lost

They teach that there's abundance in God's promises to us

And if we will commit to them our income as their trust

The windows of God's heaven will be opened here as well

And we will have the fruits of Him of which we cannot tell

But fruitfulness in riches is not what we need to seek

If we would have the grace of God He's promised to the meek

For God controls the storehouse and knows what we need and when

Is best to bear His testimony in the sight of men

That they might know beyond all doubt Who owns a thousand hills

And all the cattle and the fruitfulness of all the fields

And knows the motivation of each heart and every way

They will respond to what is shared with them through what we say

When asked why we're so happy and content with what we have

How we find peace and joy and love each day along our path

Though sometimes when abundance is the portion we are given

Or when appearances portray by poverty we're driven

To lean more on the grace and love and faithfulness of Him

Who lived as our Example everyday before all men

That nothing held a greater value than His time with God

Who promised grace to be His portion in the path He trod

That would at times have feasting on abundance for His need

And other times have nothing until God would intercede

But always at the perfect time when help was needed most

Supplied by His consistent working through His Holy Ghost

So friend whate'er your station whether rich among your friends

Or poor in earthly values on which someone else depends

Know as you follow Christ each day He'll guide you through this test

And in the end no matter what you'll come out with the best

For nothing ranks with heaven as the home of the redeemed

No pomp or prestige in this world can match what God's esteemed

As that which is the greatest of all valuables on earth

The humble precious soul of one who knows Him through rebirth

Titus 2:1-15

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