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Dreams are only dreams until and if those dreams come true

And then it might be God is saying something straight to you

Something to show you favor or to guide you in the way

He's planning He will lead you in the soon or latter days

But dreams can also be a way the devil makes you feel

Those mysteries and teachings that you've heard before are real

Though based not on the word of God but on the thoughts of men

Who know not of the plan and way God's leading us from sin

And if those dreams have merit in our minds from what we see

Of how they seem to answer questions from our history

Then we are even stronger in what we believe they are

A message from another who is reaching from afar

But scriptures are specific in what dreams will have to be

If they are truly dealing with our own reality

And are to be instructive in the path that we must choose

That we are hoping leads us to the life we will not lose

That life that goes forever that we hope will never end

Where we will live with others who will be our bosom friends

But if again that life is not the one the scriptures share

It's only an illusion that the devil's placing there

For in the Holy Scriptures that great letter from the Lord

We have much more than stories as so much is now ignored

We have precise instruction of just how we need to be

Attentive to God's leading if His glory we will see

We have a daily schedule given many times in there

How we need be attentive to God's voice to us in prayer

With minds not in a slumber by attentive to His Word

And everything He shares with us He's wanting to be heard

That lead us every moment that He gives us everyday

A promise that we only have that moment in the way

We're walking as we let Him lead us in where we must go

That by reliance on His Spirit other folks might know

The only thing that's certain in this life we have to live

Is that our Father loves us and His Best He chose to give

That we might truly know one thing that's waiting just ahead

The glory of His faithful when we leave that dusty bed

Genesis 37:5-11; 42:3-18; Deuteronomy 13:1-4; Jeremiah 29:8-9; Joel 2:28-32

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