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Daily Inspiration

The Tipping Point

The tipping point is almost here the judgment's soon to come

And all the true and faithful know just where it's coming from

A time of trial and turmoil trouble never seen before

That once again the faithful have been truly watching for

In some ways with anxiety and just a little fear

But more with great expectancy that Christ will soon be here

To put an end to all the pain and grief that sin did bring

As with the angels in the clouds they'll join with joy to sing

Hosannahs in the highest to the Sovereign Lord of all

Who's loved us with an endless love though pressed to give His all

In sacrifice upon the cross that bore Him as their Lamb

Creator come Redeemer Lord of hosts and great I Am

But sadly there are many who know not what's soon to come

They know not of the evil and the one from whom it's from

Assuming all they know of life is what they're seeing here

Afraid to listen to the Truth that's ours to conquer fear

They think there's time for revelry for pleasure and for gain

They think that maybe when they die they'll have a chance again

They think it's all by happenstance that we're all living here

Not knowing there's One standing by to wipe away their tears

Who wants more than His mighty throne to hear them speak His name

To turn though weak and feeble to ask Him to give the same

Assurance that they see in those who love to hear His voice

That peace and joy He longs to give to those who make the choice

To walk the path He's offering not tethered to this earth

That starts when they confess their sins and ask for His rebirth

That makes them clean and new again not burdened by their past

As on the precious Lamb of God their hopelessness they cast

And draw from Him that new life that enjoys with Him each day

The many wondrous blessings as He leads them in His Way

Who want more than the things of earth to share the love they've found

Through prayerful contemplation of His Word that's solid ground

Upon which they are building His new Kingdom filled with men

And women who have found in Him redemption from their sin

And whom will soon be joined in that great Home where none will die

When Christ returns to take His own with Him beyond the sky

Daniel 7:1-10; 12:1-4; Matthew 25;13-32

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