Daily Inspiration

No Regret

Remarkably with no regret I face each coming day

As I accept God's cleansing wave that's washed my sin away

That though I've stumbled fallen short and failed Him oft before

I know by grace He cleanses me as I adore Him more

By rising in the morning taking time with Him in prayer

Affirming that I have on doubt He's always waiting there

Again to place His robe on me and clothe me by that grace

That makes my soul acceptable before my Father's face

And therein also purging me from all the things I've done

That caused the loss and suffering of His most perfect Son

Who gladly bore my sins and shame and died upon the tree

That is the emblem of God's love and light for you and me

And therein I have also found that perfect peace of mind

That does no focus on the past and all I've left behind

But rather focuses on Him Who could not love me more

And shares with me the promises of what He has in store

For those who daily come to Him and seek to be His own

Who know no matter what happens in Him they're not alone

But constantly are walking with His angels by their side

And also have His Holy Spirit as their faithful Guide

Who whispers His assurance to be heard along our way

And sometimes even puts His words within the things we say

That for His light to others we might also truly be

A testimony of the Truth that lives in you and me

But if I am too hurried too excited for the day

And take off in my own pursuits without that time to pray

I set myself for failure and embarrassment for Him

As well as one great stumbling block that stops the way for them

Who need me more than they perceive to take that time with God

That they might find encouragement each day they watch me trod

That path with similarities to what they face each day

That helps them know with certainty there is a better Way

So 'tis my prayer for you and me more than these lips can say

No matter what the circumstance God help us still to pray

And draw us ever closer to what You want us to be

That we might share Your perfect love for all eternity

1 Thessalonians 7-18; Psalm 55:17; John 3:16-17


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