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Daily Inspiration

The Time Has Come

No never has there ever been a time so great as this

The time the prophets got to see but knew that they would miss

The time when all the universe with great expectancy

Would watch to see if we would choose to have eternity

The way that God has planned it filled with joy forever more

With angels in attendance of the One that we adore

Exploring all the realms of glory with Christ hand in hand

The Father and His faithful children just as He has planned

Or will we choose as we have chosen in the past 'til now

To root about this world of evil seeing what and how

We might indulge each waking moment for our will and way

As if there were no judgment coming like so many say

But scripture is both plain and simple in this one regard

You need not be a scribe or scholar nor look very hard

To see that God has here allotted time as He sees best

To finalize what He's determined will comprise the test

Of whether we will be among those He's paid dearly for

When on the cross His Son our Saviour could not offer more

Than all of heaven's Best and Brightest as His perfect Price

The Love of all eternal ages Christ our Sacrifice

Who told us of the time that's coming and now has appeared

The time that Satan and his angels knew would come and feared

Would quickly transpire without warning as the Lord will come

And they and all who've been rebellious will receive the sum

Of all the debt accumulated for what they have done

The sins they willingly committed that denied the Son

As being their Lord God and Saviour to the very end

When all along He watched and waited like our dearest Friend

But they want not to have a Saviour Who requires their best

They want not to be washed and mended for the final test

But choose instead like filthy garments to be cast away

And burned with all the trash and rubbish on that judgment day

So friend I trust and hope you'll join me as we see the time

Has finally arrive for choosing which course we will climb

The one that leads to God and glory with our Lord and King

Or that that finishes our story without anything

Matthew 24:1-31; Psalm 1:1-6

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