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Daily Inspiration

If Jesus Had Surrendered

If Jesus had surrendered where would people be right now

Would this world even still exist and if so tell me how

With all the deep corruption that's so prevalent today

Can you imagine evil would not wipe this world away

But thankfully He did not bow nor give in to the foe

Instead He stood against the storm to show us how to go

From one step to another in the path we walk each day

Providing us with guidance in all that we do and say

To further His great Gospel of deliverance for man

To help the world through all the lies to try to understand

That love that knows no boundaries no restrictions no defeat

But shines a light upon the hearts of all those that we meet

A light of true compassion for the lost and wayward soul

That does not have self-interest as a purpose in its goal

That willingly will lay all down to be another's guide

To help them in their pain-filled path to find that Place to hide

Where all can find a Refuge from the evils of the day

Can find that peace that nothing in this world can take away

And find also renewal of the years they thought were gone

Restoring hope in what was past that they might focus on

A brighter day tomorrow with their Saviour by their side

As daily with God's Spirit in His temple they abide

Collecting inspiration for the challenges ahead

To turn what once seemed like defeat to victory instead

In ways we can't imagine as God has a thousand ways

To bring about His purpose for these few remaining days

To make and mold and fashion us to what we need to be

An image of His holiness for all the world to see

That Christ did not surrender neither did the devil win

The day Christ died upon that cross to save us from our sin

But more than that assured us there's reward for those who try

Not to depend on earthly things but Him Who'll fill the sky

With glory at His soon return as Victor Lord and King

To gather all the faithful who are waiting then to sing

The Song of Moses and the Lamb as they will always be

Christ's jewels in His crown of love for all eternity

Genesis 6:5-6; Isaiah 53:10-12; Joel 2:25; 1 Corinthians 15:51-58; Revelation 15:2-3

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