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Daily Inspiration


A man who finds a reason for the evil things he does

Believing there's a season to ignore another's trust

Is closer to receiving likewise something from God's hand

That in the end is worse than that he selfishly had planned

Some people call it karma others say what goes around

Will come back like a boomerang to knock that fellow down

And if he learns no lesson from the evil that he's done

He'll find himself in worse shape than when first he had begun

And in truth that's a principle of life that all will be

Corrected reckoned for the right before eternity

Begins for every human that has lived upon this earth

Who has by their inheritance been sinful from their birth

For soon we'll know the judgment in the process that it is

Three stages from conception just in case you might have missed

Those scriptures that instruct us to prepare for what's to come

When stage one is completed by the Person of God's Son

That stage that sees the faithful as in truth for who they are

Once fallen daily striving for that home beyond the stars

By daily growing closer to their Saviour Lord and King

Abandoning their own control to give Him everything

Then once that work is finished when Christ takes the saints on high

To that great home in heaven where they'll live and never die

The saints will judge the fallen who turned not from all their ways

That caused much pain and anguish in their finite earthly days

And then when all are satisfied a thousand years from then

The judgment will be given to at last destroy all sin

As raised from graves of slumber all the lost will be consumed

Along with him who ruled them as his work will be resumed

But cut short by that cleansing from the Father and the Son

As fire and brimstone will consume the evil that's been done

Before this earth's restored to all the glory it once knew

When all creation lived to love the way the angels do

So if your heart's been hardened to believe your wrongs are right

Believe the evil's of your ways will not be brought to light

I strongly recommend you read the last book in God's Word

And turn to meet the grace of God while prayers can still be heard

Daniel 7:9-10; 12:1-3; Revelation 20:1-15

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