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Daily Inspiration

The Perfect Couple

They walked along together for so many many years

In constant close communion through the joys and through the tears

And tried by their example to enlighten those who'd see

Their love for one another as what true love has to be

They never had a cross word as that was not how they spoke

Nor did they make each other the butt end of someone's joke

But always kept respecting what the other had to say

And made sure all was perfect between them at close of day

And even when assaulted by another who was wrong

They would not be divided as their love for each was strong

And then again they'd make sure at the end of every day

No pain or hurt still lingered from what someone had to say

And not because their focus was on how they should be kind

Or how they would be happy if they shared a similar mind

But for one simple reason that we all need in our heart

A oneness with the Father never tears two souls apart

But enriches and enhances everything that two might do

Makes bonds that can't be broken as each day for them is new

Exploring endless wonders in the character they see

That's growing and developing despite adversity

For as long as we're in this world where sin still has control

Of almost everybody who is not made clean and whole

By heaven's intercession through the Person of God's Son

We find it overwhelming trying hard to be as one

But still we have example through this couple we admire

Who after three long centuries were taken even higher

As God in Jesus said to His dear friend it's time to go

And raptured faithful Enoch to that place we've yet to know

But is for us still waiting as our privilege to be

The place we too can dwell in throughout all eternity

As one with Christ our Saviour meeting Enoch everyday

As they still walk together in their same consistent way

Discussing what's before them when Christ comes for His redeemed

Comes back for those who truly live the love that He esteemed

As oneness with each other as He showed to us of old

Recorded in the scriptures where the Truth of love is told

Romans 13:8; Galatians 5:13-17; 1 John 4:7-12; Genesis 5:24; Hebrews 11:5

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