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Daily Inspiration

The Balance

So many fear what is to be they fear what's soon to come

Assuming from the little read that all is like the sum

They've been taught of the future when the judgment will be sealed

And every cataclysmic act of God will be revealed

They focus on what's coming from the standpoint of a toll

Extracted as a vengeance for the evils of their soul

A time of hailing brimstone with a fire that never ends

No way to have a sure defense no comfort from their friends

And sure there will be judgment as the scriptures are quite clear

And what has been will not be too much longer lasting here

The debts of sin's rebellion will at last be fully paid

When all this world is cleansed by fire before the new earth's made

But though it's all important we must be fully aware

Of God's impending judgments of which most are unaware

We need far more to focus on the rest of what is said

That's there for our assurance we need not be lost and dead

For in the whole of scriptures there's a balance many miss

A balance with the focus that we need in times like this

That teaches of the great reward for those who find God's peace

Through intimate disclosure in our times of full release

When kneeling there before Him Who hung all the stars in space

Who made the earth the sun the moon and put them in their place

Who lovingly formed Adam from a little bit of clay

And breathed in him the breath of life we cherish to this day

And then gave them the promise who rebelled against His love

Who ate the fruit and brought the curse He sadly told them of

That if they would be faithful to apply the blood they shed

Their soul would have the promise not to be forever dead

But will be wrapped in splendor when our Saviour comes again

Will have with Him forever where no sin will cause a stain

That pure spotless garment of the host of God's redeemed

Who daily in their short time here did not their fear esteem

But joy that comes from knowing that God's path for them is sure

And every pain and suffering here they will not again endure

Just endless days of wonder at the glories they will see

As with our Lord and Saviour one forever we will be

Daniel 12:1-3; Revelation 6:12-17; 3:14-22; Isaiah 65:17-25; Revelation 21:22-22:5

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