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Oh why oh why we often ask why must it be this way

Way must the ones we love the most be swiftly pulled away

Why must they lose their hold on life or suffer tragedy

Fall sick or succumb to the ways of the great enemy

A question often asked the Lord whose answer can be found

In scriptures where we gain a glimpse of Christ on holy ground

Beseeching all to listen while the warning can be heard

Look to the Truth and you will hear that most important Word

That Word of consolation information love and peace

That Word Whose constant love for us will never ever cease

That Word Whose power can be seen in what He's done before

In ways we do not understand to help us trust Him more

To know what He is doing to redeem the souls of those

He promised would see Him again when from the tomb He rose

As vict'ry over sin and death became His Gift to them

Who trust not to the things of earth but all their hearts to Him

And looked more deeply in His heart to see compassion there

Through constantly attending to His voice to them in prayer

That prayer that's always on the heart of them who know Him best

Who always in each conflict here turn to the Lord for rest

That finds a calm assurance in the midst of pain and stress

Just knowing that no matter what they'll overcome each test

Not by their own imaginings or by the strength they have

But by the grace of Him Who came and for us walked this path

And took the painful arrows and the insults of the world

Took all the evil sin could muster from the one He hurled

Into this world for just a season 'til all worlds could see

The truth revealed of his rebellion and iniquity

For Satan knows there is a limit to his freedom here

And soon the One from life he severed will fulfill his fear

And come back in the clouds of glory to reclaim His own

Who like the seed have died to come back to the One they've known

Would keep His promise of that new life that will never end

That will forever be the answer to restore and mend

Relations with the ones we love now who are pulled away

To rest but just a little longer for that glorious day

1 Corinthians 15:51; 1 Thessalonians 4:9-18

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