Daily Inspiration

The Widow's Mites

She had not any inkling of what she had done that day

How great would be her offering she chose to God to pay

Two pence a simple farthing equal to a quarter cent

Just one forth of a penny but to God so much it meant

More than the massive treasures all the rich could e're afford

For giving of one's treasure means but little to the Lord

If not by love accompanied for all that He has done

Who gave the greatest treasure in the Person of His Son

Not holding back of any of the gifts He gives to men

Those gifts for our salvation to redeem us from our sin

For as the widow gave down to the last thing that she had

So Christ Who gave His all for us is always more than glad

When He can see us giving from the joy that fills our heart

Responding to the love He shares that helps us be a part

Of something so much bigger than our feeble eyes can see

A work that's so expansive it consumes eternity

That's not restrained by serving of one's self with worldly things

But more constrained by limits of their goods for offering

As giving everyday to help the needs of those we find

We often leave their own concerns for worldly things behind

Full knowing we're entrusted as God knows we need to be

With talents for His purpose of extending charity

That fully meets the heart's need of the folks who come our way

When God designs each moment of our lives each passing day

For when He gives us burden for another that we meet

He also gives us plenty for the work before our feet

To guide us in the pathway of the work that must be done

That serves and saves another for the Kingdom of His Son

So if you're blessed with plenty or with just a little bit

Don't fail to see that widow in your mind when you give it

To God's work or your own work as you think of all you have

And what it cost the Son of God who chose to walk your path

And give as He allows you knowing He's got more in store

And as the scriptures tell us we can never give God more

Than He can give and does give every moment that we breathe

Until He comes in glory for the ones He will receive

Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4; Romans 8:28-39


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