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Daily Inspiration

Bold Meek and Faithful

The bold the meek the faithful these are who God seeks to be

The stalwarts of His work on earth before the enemy

Is vanquished at Christ's soon return when evil reigns no more

Until the judgment at the end the saints are waiting for

When after the millennium that Satan's shackled here

To ponder all the evil things he fostered and the fear

He struck within the heart of man from Eden until then

When he will have to recognize the outcome of his sin

Will be his own destruction as was prophesied of old

From in the Garden with the pair he heard what they were told

How figured in the serpent he'd receive that mortal wound

As his head would be crushed by Christ beneath His heel and doomed

In words shared by Isaiah and Ezekiel as well

Within the very flames Christ said would be the lake of hell

That at the last would cleanse the earth that will be new again

When all's been proven to the saints who read the books maintained

Now in the courts of heaven where each act is written down

Each thought's recorded with the words on every tongue that's found

To speak both words of evil as well as the words of life

Where men will meet the verdict of their part in this world's strife

But those who've boldly stated what God's placed within their hearts

Have meekly been like Moses strong but humble in their parts

And firmly by their faith alone held high the Word of God

Will be the victor's on that day when on the ash they trod

That represents God's mercy when all suffering will end

When sin will meet that final point with that that would not bend

The Law that is God's character reproduced in His redeemed

Who by their faith bold meek by grace have kept it and esteemed

The Son above all other things this world has used to fight

The beauty of the Christian life that is the sinner's light

To seeing God's salvation offered to the few who'll here

The Truth that's spoken in His Word the Spirit's making clear

So friend if still you waiver in your thoughts of what you'll do

About the Truth God's shared through those of faith He's brought you to

Please ponder doubt no longer but affirm with God you'll be

Through faith a champion of grace He wants the world to see

Isaiah 14:12-19; Ezekiel 28:12-19; Malachi 4:1-3; Revelation 20:7-15

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