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Daily Inspiration

Locking Open Doors

How often have we said the words, “I'll not do that again

I'll not repeat this thing I've done go back to that old sin”

When hardly time had moved at all and sure as sure can be

We found ourselves back on our knees requesting God's mercy

How often have we locked that door to keep the devil out

And said within our heart of hearts that demon's not about

To make us fall that way again and foil our chosen path

When sure as we can draw our breath we feel that demon's wrath

And buckle to temptation falling right back into sin

No stronger than those promises of sand in other men

Who care not for salvation or the plan God has for them

To make them testimonies of that grace and love from Him

Who understands the plight we're in that sees within our heart

Who takes note of the problem wherein we must have a part

And shows us if we'll take the time to listen carefully

Just why it is we fall back where He's gained the victory

You see it's really simple when you think of it at all

The reason we so easily can teeter trip and fall

For locking doors still open don't perform the way they could

Like those we close before we lock the way we know we should

By stopping at that moment when we know we've gone astray

And once we've asked our Saviour by His grace to wipe away

Our sin we take that time with Him to close that open door

By sitting close and honoring His grace with so much more

Of our time heart and focus with His Spirit's voice and Word

Absorbing all the precious truths He's wanting to be heard

That give to us encouragement to lock that door once closed

That no more will allow our soul by sin to be disposed

To repeat where we've been before as from there we will go

Onto another platform where in deeper thoughts we'll know

A oneness with our Maker our Provider Lord and King

Who's promised as we walk with Him He'll give us everything

He gave us back on Calvary that's our to cherish now

That's flooding all the pages of that Book that tells us how

To lock those doors we've shut behind to open one anew

The one where Jesus rights our wrong the Way he wants to do

John 5:39; James 4:5-10; Revelation 3:14-22

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