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Daily Inspiration

A Little More

Sometimes it seems so daunting to pursue this life we live

Sometimes it seems there's just no more within us left to give

But then we look at Jesus and the burden that He bore

The cross that held His Sacrifice and crown of thorns He wore

And wonder was it worth it that great Sacrifice He gave

The scars that will forever be reminders of the grave

Wherein He graced three days of His existence as foretold

By prophesies within His Book of Knowledge that we hold

That from its first inception when recorded by the men

God called to lead His people we begin to comprehend

The battle that's been raging from before Eve saw the tree

And let the devil tempt her to pursue iniquity

That battle that had started long before at heaven's throne

Which in the heart of Lucifer he chose to make his own

By any means he could pursue to win the hearts of them

Who sympathetic to his cause would join the side of him

And from that time the choice he made that brings us where we are

That brings us to this feeling that some more is just too far

Has been within the Father's view a choice that soon will end

With Judgment where we'll have in Court the sinner's truest Friend

And there we'll count it perfect this hard path we walked before

Wherein we'll see each step He led to help us trust Him more

To be our Lord and Surety to be our Strength our All

When in this world our little seemed to be to us so small

But in His eyes He sees us as potential that He brings

Before the eyes of others who still think that other things

Have value for this moment when to us the future's more

Than all that's wanting to be had the devil has in store

It's time and opportunity to live as one with Him

Whom angels cherish as they're blessed to have Him walk with them

But they don't have the honor that's reserved for us on earth

To have Him One with them the way He is with us from birth

So when you feel discouraged when your life seems hard to take

Remember we've but little more to do for Jesus' sake

And seek by faith His mighty grace to give your all for Him

Who wants the world to see His life displayed through us for them

Matthew 5:1-16; Isaiah 41:10; Romans 8:12-18

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