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Daily Inspiration


The most important question that so many seem to miss

Is what might be my purpose here at such a time as this

Am I just to expend my life on things that I might have

Or does God have a reason He has placed me in this path

You see for many it's become so easy not to tell

The world by words and conduct that they more than wish them well

And to just be an island in a sea of nameless souls

Perceiving gain and pleasure as their most important goals

But what if in God's great design there's more for us to be

As channels of His saving grace to lost humanity

What if He's placed within us talents we have yet find

That only can be accessed when we give to Him our mind

And focus our attention not on what is not our own

But on the most important task that Jesus focused on

That task of preparation for the work He's made us for

That work of great awakening to His presence at the door

Of each heart who'll receive Him and the mighty work He's done

That work with Son and Father to make us like Them as one

One body church and people for His Kingdom up above

Built solely on one principle and that of Godly love

That never sees one moment to be wasted or abused

But always in some fashion for His service to be used

In training or preparing for the work that's yet to come

Or out among the people in the world He's called us from

Delivering His message of salvation full and clear

To souls in pain and anguish and who need His comfort here

And sorely need His message of His Kingdom soon to come

Where those who chose to live for Him will reap the final sum

Of all they have invested and was likewise paid for them

Who saw in Christ the Answer to the question asked of Him

“What will you have me do this day and where am I to go

To reach the fallen for Your sake Your grace for them to know?”

As there we'll see the answer in the faces of the ones

Who saw in us the Answer of the Father's perfect Son

And drawn to Him by what they saw in us that He did give

They'll have that perfect endless joy in which the saints will live

Ephesians 6:10-18; Matthew 28:18-20

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