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Daily Inspiration


How often do we actually take the time to search within

The body of God's scriptures for the truth that lies therein

How often do we focus from the first words that we see

And take time to discover what for some is mystery

How often do we ask the Lord to help us through our day

To contemplate those words He's shared and what they really say

To us as individuals who draw our life from Him

And need to realize the beauty we might find in them

For truly it's no wonder that God's people are so weak

When most important issues need His chosen ones to speak

And stand up for His righteousness against those godless few

Who seem to rule society that lets them say and do

What once was thought unspeakable not many years ago

When scripture helped society the better ways to know

But as so many people found less time to spend with Him

The power of the Gospel of the Lord found less of them

To put themselves in harm's way if that was what was required

To fight with God's authority the fight that was inspired

By evil forces seeking to destroy the souls of men

As it removed the Standard that revealed the root of sin

And as the laymen worried more about the things they had

They worried less about the times and what was really bad

And let the subtle evils of the devil take control

Beginning with our childhood as he worked to steal our soul

Through means of entertainment seeming innocent at first

But filled with innuendoes that encouraged greater thirst

For greater immorality displayed before the eyes

Of all who do not see the truth and how the devil tries

To also mix the messages translators place within

What once was pure and simple as God's Word before all men

But with the many different ways they make the scriptures read

They've given rise to many doubts that are the devil's seed

That grow to weeds of false belief that draw us from the Truth

That once was our foundation from our time as early youth

And must once more be cherished if we hope to gain the prize

Of life eternal with the One Who makes the simple wise

2 Timothy 2:15-16; John 5:39; 1 Corinthians 2:1-16

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