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Daily Devotional

Power of Prayer

How precious are those moments when we go alone to pray

Outside or in our closet where God leads that we should stay

A little while together sharing moments two as one

The blessing of our fellowship through merits of His Son

His Son Who's reconciles us through the merits of His blood

He shed upon that cruel cross because of perfect love

That drew Him in compassion to adopt the perfect plan

Established in the heavens long before the fall of man

When They the Holy Godhead met together to discuss

The options to consider to redeem the souls of us

If we the perfect beings fashioned by the perfect hands

Should join that great rebellion living out its evil plans

That only would be tolerated for a little while

To show the worlds a watching just how evil would defile

The work of God's creation perfect to the least detail

That would have to be purchased by the work of three strong nails

One nail that held His right hand that reached out in works of love

To heal the brokenhearted with His Spirit from above

And one that held His left hand that had ministered to feed

The wants of every nation that would bring to Him their need

And one that held together both His feet that walked each day

Among the hurting masses who knew not how they should pray

For God to be within them as His light before all men

To show those lost in darkness His redemption from their sin

That hinged upon our Saviour Who took time each day to pray

He Who is God Almighty living Truth and perfect Way

To give us an Example even He would not abide

A day without the Father and His Spirit deep inside

His heart by Their communion in a solitary place

Not focused on the present needs of substance time or space

But on eternal matters to restore the souls of men

Who had in them desire for redemption from their sins

And who would be their channels for the work that must be done

To glorify the Father through the Spirit and the Son

By acts of love and kindness that through us They might reveal

The power of prayer through service where the saints receive His seal

Matthew 14:23; John 17

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